Here Are A Range Of Questions We Get Asked .If  You Cannot Find The Answer  You Require, Please Either Phone 021 1129887, Or E-Mail Were Here To Help, And Happy To Assist  You.

How Soon Can I Ship ?
We Attempt To Ship On The Same Business Day. If Stock Is Not Live, then It Will Need To Be Ordered In From Our Overseas Suppliers. Stock Generally Takes 7 To 10 Days To Arrive . The Moment It Arrives, The Back Orders Are Shipped Out. Any Problems, Or any  Delays you  Will Be Notified immediately . We Look At A Delivery Target Of 2 To 3 Days, (NZ wide) From Time Of Shipping. Can Be Longer At Peak Times, Or Rural Deliveries May Take Longer. If You Have Not Receive Your order within 5 Days Of shipping, Notify Flagworld NZ!  Immediately So We Can Start An Investigation Through NZ Post.

Can I Pick My Flag Up?
Yes you can. We are happy for you to collect, and pay cash for your flag purchases. We are in Addington Christchurch New Zealand , please make the necessary arrangements,and a pre-arranged time to collect your flag purchases. All funds need to be cleared prior to collection. You also can pre-pay direct to the Flagworld NZ!  bank account via internet banking. To make the process easier, please either E-Mail, or phone to arrange a suitable time to collect your flags. Thank you.

Do Your Flags Come With All The Necessary Equipment To Fly?
No. All our flags come with 2 brass grommets, or eyelets for flying. They do not have ropes, or cord. or Carabiners supplied.These can be purchased as accessories on the Flagworld NZ! website,# with the exception of our heavy duty flags. Thanks.#

How  Do I  Choose The Correct Size Flag, For My  Flagpole? 

The most popular size we sell  is  a 150 x 90 cm, or 5’x 3′ feet in imperial sizing .We also sell  90 x 60cm,Or 3’x2′ feet, plus 240 X150  cm or 8’x ‘5 feet.  So a guideline to  apply  is the following:

# 3′ X 2′ Ft Flags  Fitted To  Poles From 2.00 TO 4.1 Meters.

# 5′ X 3′ Ft Flags Fitted To Poles  4.1 Meters To 6.2 Meters.

# 8′ X 5’ Ft  Flags Fitted To Poles 6.0 Meters& Above. Or  If Your In A Highly  Exposed Situation ,Or Have A High Pole .Consider   Buying A Heavier Duty Product To Fly On Your Flagpole .# Guidelines Only #

How Long Will My Flag Last?
Our flags are all 100% polyester. Their flying life is determined by many factors-Hours flown, exposure to the elements-sun, snow, frosts, gale force winds etc. My recommendation is to bring them down at night, and during extreme weather events. Flagworld NZ! can supply a data sheet on how to correctly rig your halyard, to avoid stress on the flag. If you live in areas with strong prevailing winds, or have a high pole,you  may be better to consider our premium heavy duty products. We recommend our  5’X’3  Ft flags are flown on poles 4.90 metres, and above, to achieve maximum effect, and positive airflow to drive the flag. There are also numerous video clips, on You Tube, from  how to install a pole, to re-rigging a flagpole. If you require a data sheet, on how to rig your flag correctly ,or  any product advice or pre- purchase support, please email us at

How Do I Care For My Flag?
Flags can be hand washed or machine washed on a delicate cycle.
Regular washing limits deterioration caused by accumulated dirt, and pollutants. Use a liquid detergent.(no bleaches)Luke warm water only, line dry . If you need to iron your flag use a very low heat on your iron. Flags can also be dry cleaned. Flags only flown during sunrise to sunset hours will outlast a flag flown 24 x 7.Plus having more than one flag also extends the lifetime. Never store a wet flag away. Make sure your flag can fly freely without catching on buildings, vegetation, or any other structures to avoid damage to the flag. Use a suitable pole to fly your flag. Any minor stitching repairs to your flag can be done by using a commercial sewing machine. Flags should be repaired when frayed edges appear. This will extend the flag’s lifetime. Rig your halyard correctly so your flag can last its maximum lifetime. Remember prevention is better than the cure.

Why Buy From Us?
We only sell quality products, and  have a diverse range of products on our site. Some are only exclusively available on our website, we currently have over 1,200 Products available to choose from on our website. We are constantly updating our website with exciting new products, so we can offer our customers a vast selection to choose from, and a more pleasurable shopping experience. Many of our customers become repeat buyers. We designed our website to be as user friendly as possible, making the purchasing process as simple and, stress free as possible. We maintain a good reputation, so customers can feel comfortable buying from us, please read our customers feedback .We  provide quality customer service on a personal level. We only use  Paypal, the world’s most secure payment systems provider, to offer our customers secure online shopping. We operate a professional business, and  do everything we can to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.However  we are not perfect, as we are limited by delivery times from international shippers, and local post operations.We  provide excellent value in all our products, Flagworld NZ! will never sell inferior products on its website.

Do You Offer  Quantity Discounts?                                                                                                                                                                       Yes we do. If you require  a large order, please contact us direct for price breaks.We are competitive, and  will supply a volume quotation based on the amount you require including, any relevant freight costs, duties and shipping charges .

Flag Etiquette . Always give the New  Zealand flag seniority on any flag pole. Never fly a New Zealand flag in a dilapidated condition.The New Zealand flag is protected under the flags, emblems, and names protection act of 1981.